It is really an easy job to manage a training institute. With thousands of students, faculty, courses, and other administrative tasks, manual management of data of all involved parties, can be a complex and time-consuming task. To boost performance and to bring efficiency, you need all the information regarding your students, their parents, teachers, and staff on your tips. Edujournal is a SaaS school management software with a centralized database that streamlines workflows while automating many back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. This cloud based software can manage entire school operation from enrollment of student till graduation.

Easy Access to Information:- Edujournal unifies data from different sources in a centralized system, making it easier to access data. Edujournal also enables institutes to gain insights into student data and analytics so educators can help students improve learning. With accessibility across all departments ensures effective delivery of personalized learning experiences.

Improved Learning Experience:- Edujournal enhances student-teacher collaboration beyond the classroom. Increased interaction between the staff and the students enables teachers to answer queries of the students while facilitating a friendly atmosphere in the academics. Web & Mobile based interactive applications seamlessly connect schools, students, and staff.

Increase Daily Productivity:- Edujournal Software streamlines workflows while maintaining and updating different aspects of daily activities. By unifying data across different channels, Edujournal eliminates redundancy in managing the institution’s records while reducing the workload drastically, thus boosting the overall efficiency of the organization.

Smarter Decisions:- Edujournal brings various aspects of school system including student, staff, admission, time table, examination, fees, reporting and others on Centralized data repository to help administrators to access, manage, and analyze data and processes for quick and well-informed decision-making.


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