A Au Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Hồng Lĩnh, Cư xá Bắc Hải, Phường 15, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


A Au Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established on 11/23/2005 – with the motto “Bring health belief”. At present, the company is rapidly expanding not only in terms of human resources, but also leading the pharmaceutical market in Vietnam, following the trend of reaching out to the world. There are such achievements because from the very beginning, Eurasia has determined for itself a clear path, concretized by the mission, goals and core values throughout the development of the Company.

I. Mission:
Contributing to building and spreading leading brands of products of natural origin (pharmaceuticals, functional
foods, biological products,…) at home and abroad.

II. Mission (Goal):
– A Au Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has become the leading professional and prestigious Marketing Company in
Vietnam for unique and natural products with high safety and sustainable effectiveness.
– Owns a number of leading brands of natural products in Vietnam.
– To be the most valuable Company to shareholders, partners, employees and customers of the Company

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