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ACE Data Systems Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a small software house and IT training center. Nowadays, ACE Data Systems Group has grown into a group of twenty-two companies with over eight hundred and fifty employees with business operations in software development and system integration, outsourcing, IT infrastructure and cyber security, education services, e-commerce and business consulting.

As a pioneer in software industry, ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE) introduced Myanmar’s first computerized accounting system in 1993. Subsequently, ACE introduced various software solutions for banking and finance sector, retail and distribution sector, manufacturing sector, hotel, tourism and hospitality sector and became a leading software development and system integration company in Myanmar. In 2013, ACE and Daiwa Institute of Research from Japan formed DIR-ACE Technology Ltd (DAT) to provide IT solutions for capital market. DAT is playing a critical role in the development of capital market in Myanmar as IT solutions provider to Yangon Stock Exchange and securities companies. In 2017, Thuriya ACE Technology Ltd. (TAT) was established to provide IT solutions to insurance sector and healthcare sector. In 2020, SCALA-ACE Ltd. was established aiming to bring innovation to Agriculture, Health Care and Education. Nowadays, ACE and various global partners are working together to contribute to social economic development of Myanmar through digital transformations in financial sector, retail and distribution sector, manufacturing sector, hotel, tourism and hospitality sector, transportation and urbanization, public security, disaster control, agriculture, healthcare and education.

ACE is not only the pioneer in Myanmar software industry but also the pioneer in promoting Myanmar to become one of the new frontiers in global IT outsourcing destinations. ACE started promoting IT outsourcing in 1997. Due to the various social political issues and lack of proper enabling environment, the outsourcing business was not materialized in Myanmar until 2008. However, with the understanding on the importance of reaching to global market, ACE persistently worked hard to reach out to global market. The opening up of Myanmar since 2010, the significant improvement in infrastructure and the availability of competitive workforce has attracted global attention and ACE’s outsourcing business has been growing steadily since then. ACE group’s companies such as ACE Data Systems Ltd. (ACE), Aceplus Solutions Ltd. (Aceplus)DIR-ACE Technology Ltd. (DAT)Thuriya ACE Technology Ltd. (TAT)XAN IT Solutions Ltd. (XAN) and Wild River Ltd. (Wild River) are all actively involving in outsourcing businesses targeting specific customer groups and specific technologies respectively. To be able to promote outsourcing business effectively, ACE Japan Ltd. (ACE Japan) was established in Japan in 2013 as the first IT company in Japan invested by a Myanmar national IT company. In addition, Myanmar Hi Tech Pte Ltd. (Myanmar Hi Tech) was established in Singapore in 2014 to conduct market survey and promotions in Singapore. Moving forward, ACE Data Systems Group will continue to spearhead IT export from Myanmar to the global market.

Significant improvement in telecommunication infrastructure in recent years has allow organizations to pursue organization wide digital transformations where IT systems become vital components of the organizations’ competitiveness. For mission critical IT systems to be running at highest possible availability, the reliable, robust and secure IT Infrastructure is required. To be able to provide services to established reliable, robust and secure IT Infrastructure, ACE started IT infrastructure and cyber security services in 2013. In Myanmar where IT utilization is still at infancy stage, the demand for IT infrastructure and cyber security services are immense and ACE has taken some initiatives to fulfil some portion of the demand. In 2014, ACE Data Systems Ltd. and GMO Internet Group from Japan formed GMO ACE Ltd. (GMO-ACE) to provide internet infrastructure such as domain, hosting, SSL services. In addition, T3K Technology Ltd. (T3K) was established in 2015 to provide consulting services on IT Infrastructure construction initiatives. Moreover, ACE Data Systems Ltd. and Mitsuiwa Group from Japan formed Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Ltd. (MAE) in 2016 to provide server integration, network integration and cyber security solutions and services. With a good synergy within the group companies which are complementing each other, ACE is well positioned to become part of the IT infrastructure establishment and cyber security measures taken by a lot of organizations.

Although ACE has reached 28 years of age, ACE’s backbone of success is always based on the young, energetic and innovative employees. ACE has significantly contributed to the development of IT industry by being able to produce over 3,000 IT engineers from its own IT training center over last 28 years. Nevertheless, the demand for qualified resources is ever increasing and to be able to fill the gap, ACE training center was spun-off and formed ACE Inspiration Ltd. (AI) in 2015 to expand IT education services. Nowadays, ACE Inspiration is focusing and expanding provision of IT professional courses, management courses and language courses to individuals and corporate customers.

Future lifestyle of people will depend on various smart technologies and the line between IT engineering and other engineering disciplines are fading away. Not only that, it is becoming very important for Myanmar to generate, conserve and utilize energy in more efficient ways to make sure that social economic development does not impact environment and sustainability of our lives. To be able to contribute into that area, Sustainable Development Group Ltd. (SDG) was established in 2013 to provide energy management and green technology courses to individuals from various engineering disciplines. Moreover, SDG has started to provide consultation services on energy management, green building and smart society initiatives.

In order to transform the education system in Myanmar, it is very important that the education providing at the foundation level is improved. To be able to contribute to that requirement, ACE and Gakken Holding Ltd. from Japan formed GAKKEN-ACE Education Services Ltd. (GAE) in 2014 to provide to bring affordable mathematics and science supplement courses to all the neighbourhoods in Myanmar. Since its foundation until September 2020, GAE has assisted opening of over forty GAKKEN classrooms and more classrooms are under planning to be opened across the country to build up GAKKEN as a household brand for affordable education in Myanmar.

With internet penetration and mobile penetration growing rapidly in Myanmar and high rate of economic development, e-commerce in Myanmar is expected to grow. ACE is preparing to play a significant role in the emergence of e-commerce and digital economy in Myanmar. Ever since its establishment in 2012, Aceplus has been helping businesses to start their digital channels through web and mobile developments. To be able to promote online businesses within ACE group, ACE Future Innovation (AFI) was established in 2015. Later, XAN digital bookstore and Koolpon discount coupon services were launched in subsequent years. ACE hopes to launch various e-commerce services to bring Myanmar in and beyond internet age in coming years.

To be able to provide consultation on Digital Transformation in Myanmar, ACE Data Consulting Services Ltd. (ADCS), ACE Investment Advisory Ltd. (ACE.IA), ACE Data Marketing Ltd. (ADM) and Synergy Plus Consulting Services Ltd. (Synergy Plus) were established within ACE Data Systems Group. We are combining Cutting-edge Technology and Innovation with Customer-Centric Consultation to ensure successful Digital Transformation Journey for our customers.

With clear visions and business strategies, ACE group is hoping to bring its 28 years of success into the future and to be one of the leading IT companies in Myanmar.

  • Software Development & System Integration
  • Offshore Outsourcing Services
  • IT Infrastructure & Security Solutions
  • Education Services
  • e-Commerce
  • Business Consulting

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