Acroquest Myanmar Technology Co., Ltd.

Acroquest Myanmar Technology Co., Ltd., Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


Since the establishment of Acroquest in 1991, with the mission of “To evolve society through our technology and create exciting social environment in the world.”, we have created epoch-making systems with cutting-edge technologies, and delivered technological excitement to our customers.

We have developed frameworks providing common backbones to the networks such as in the realm of mission critical systems, management and control systems on high-speed railway, mobile phone, anti-disaster and electronic government systems.

They all are deeply related with national infrastructures, and we are proud of our sophisticated Java development technology and highly reliable and high-quality framework have contributed to these infrastructures and the society.

Using our highly-reliable and high-quality technology, we also provide the software for system development management and system troubleshooting, “ENdoSnipe” that easily analyses the software problems, with absolute accuracy, in its running situation.

Create total satisfaction and happiness in our customers, through synergy between manufacturing and consulting.

With those Acroquest technological power, we promise to keep on servicing “incredible systems” to our society.

Mobile App Development

Software development teams, from Acroquest Myanmar Technology Company, develop and distribute various mobile applications for many organizations and customers.

According to our company business services, we provide Android application as one part from our system to support client needs.

Therefore, our members are the skillful to understand and develop not only Android application for client side but also Backend services, cloud services and infrastructures.

Until now, we provided a lot of web and native mobile applications like lucky draw, directory searching, reservation, application form sharing and attendance managing, etc.,
To improve user convenience, our systems are created based on performance improving design by powering high technology.

Moreover, depend on technical necessaries of each project, we are using api for cloud and latest services (e.g. AWS services) in our applications.

Our members are skillful to be able to do designing, developing and releasing systems in Japanese quality. Because of our well-trained members, we could grantee to deliver high quality product to fulfil our customer’s requirements on schedule.Our development teams provide products and services throughout full application development life cycle.

Our Services

Social development

Acroquest has built number of mission critical systems with high availability and performance. For example, the monitoring system for Shinkansen bullet train. We accelerate the evolution of Myanmar’s Social Development.

Big Data platform

With progress of Information Technology, the data volume which we treat have increased rapidly. Acroquest developed two products, in order to reply to the needs. AcroMUSASHI is an open-source-based solution.


Kintone is a social collaboration cloud service that provides a portal for communication, data and business process management.Users can create different apps to fit their different business use cases.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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