Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology

Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The team behind Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology is fully dedicated, professionally qualified, and highly skilled in the fields required as quality education and inspiration of nature’s key elements are its fundamental believes. We offer a variety of training courses that are accredited and recognized by international Examination Board.


  • Beauty Therapy

1.Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

-Course Duration: 350 hours  (4 Months)

-Qualifications Gained:

Adonis Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments – UK

2.Certificate in Intensive Beauty Treatments

-Course Duration: 192 hours  (3 Months)

-Qualifications Gained:

Adonis Certificate in Intensive Beauty Treatments

3.Certificate in Intensive Body Treatments

4.Certificate in Personal Skin Care

  • Make Up courses

Certificate in Personal Make Up

-Course Duration: 30 hours

-Qualifications Gained:

Adonis Certificate in Personal Make Up

  • Nails Courses

1.Diploma in Nail Treatments

-Course Duration: 180 hours  (1½ Months)

  1. in Personal Nail Care

-Course Duration: 30 hours


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