Agro Eduwisita Ragunan

Agro Edukasi Wisata Ragunan, Jalan Poncol, RT.1/RW.4, Ragunan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


The Jakarta administration continues to develop and encourage urban farming in the midst of society.

To facilitate learning related to urban farming, the administration collaborated with stakeholders and already had owns Ragunan Tourism Agroeducation, in Jagakarsa Sub-district, South Jakarta.

Urban farming could be juxtaposed with technological advances and became the application of pilot technology in agriculture. QR codes were already attached on plants, which contained information and was integrated with Jakarta Balkot Farm.

“In future, urban farming is booming, and technology will accelerate productivity. In line with that, for education and technology innovation can collaborate, especially products and education.

They can learn how to farm in big cities by imposing irrigation technology, verticulture, ecological balance of soil and plants, hydroponics and learning superior seeds and nutrients.

Surely visitors could learn various agricultural techniques, starting from biovlog technology for consumption fish, magot cultivation to break down organic waste, compost houses and mushroom cultivation that could be consumed at a home scale.

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