AIM Corporate Solutions, Inc. (ACSI)

G.C. Corporate Plaza, Legaspi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


AIM Corporate Solutions, Inc. (ACSI)  is an information technology solutions company that provides technology solutions to its clientele. Established in 1998,  ACSI provides IT security services and outsourcing services as well as selected and proven IT-related products for various industries. Located in Makati City, Philippines,  ACSI is managed by people trained in the IT industry for more than 20 years with backgrounds in the financial, consulting and service delivery sectors. Our management, consultants and staff are well-equipped, and selected based on qualifications, experience and expertise. They are professionally certified in their own respective field of expertise.

ACSI abides by the following mission statement:

We listen to understand so we maybe able to produce results. We know that IT solutions should fit the needs of the client to achieve maximum effectiveness in their infrastructure, considering their needs, duration and budget.

We were named by APAC CIO Magazine, a reputable Information Technology resource publication, as one of the most promising IT Services Companies in 2015. 

Our Core Values : 

(1) Integrity in everything that we do (2) To consistently meet customer satisfaction (3) To value our people and human resources.

Our Methodology 

The methodologies that we use vary from each need, but we utilize globally recognized procedures, standards and approaches in terms of IT security, project management and our infrastructural services. 

We are the “experts” in the following standards and methodologies: 



Corporate Solutions are proud to say that we study, analyze and evaluate third-party solutions that we carry and support. This follows our mantra of excellence in what we do and what we provide.

We believe in the best, so we provide the best. We invest in knowledge, time and resources to study, test and develop our in-house solutions that we find fit to be alternative solutions in the market.


To top these excellent IT services, ACSI also studies, analyzes, and evaluates third-party solutions to achieve further superiority in the industry. They ensure that knowledge, time, and resources back their facilities to guarantee maximum development with all their presented solutions, whether it’s only an alternative or to be used long-term.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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