ALLWEB Co., Ltd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia


ALLWEB is one of the leading Cambodian IT companies since 2004. We are specialized in offshore software development, and also aim to address emerging needs in Cambodia as its companies are growing fast: our goal is to participate in the emergence of a local high-end software development market. Our customers range from start-ups to large corporate companies. We have experience and methods to either design and develop extensible solutions from scratch or integrate seamlessly with other teams’ development efforts.

We are specialized in software development as well as IT infrastructure management and support. We provide custom software solutions that fit your business with a wide range of technology. Most of the components we’ve built for more than 10 years implement complex business logic independently from deployment.

All members are selected carefully to be able to handle all assigned tasks. ALLWEB selects only certified IT professional skilled person to be in our team based in Europe and Asia. Our members are coming from the best European, American and Australian Universities, Private companies and other high technology requiring quality excellence. The language we use for our day-to-day work and in most of our documents is English, but project management and customer relationship is either done in English or French.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.


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