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Amadeus Music Foundation Indonesia, Simprug Gallery, Jalan Teuku Nyak Arief No.10, RT.5/RW.2, South Grogol, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12220, Indonesia


The Amadeus Music School offers music courses in 


Using a curriculum tailor-made by Grace Soedargo, which merges playing methods of European masters such as Pablo Casals, Pierre Fournier, and Rudolph Kreutzer, Amadeus Music School has produced string graduates who set a new standard in the classical music sphere in Indonesia.


As piano was Grace Soedargo’s second instrument during her studies in Austria, the piano curriculum in Amadeus is guaranteed to be rigorous, yet rewarding. Through playing methods passed down from the famed Alfred Cortot of the French Piano School, students in Amadeus are constantly encouraged to obtain their most optimal playing proficiency.


In partnership with the Goethe-Institut from Germany, Amadeus now spreads its wings to wind instruments education. With knowledge passed down from guest teachers from Europe, Amadeus’ wind department has proven itself to be on par with its Indonesian contemporaries, even in its early years of development.


Classical Music has been proven to be useful in the development of the brain, especially in the early stages of childhood. In the Early Musical Education class, children as young as 2,5 years are introduced to music and rhythm through activities that will excite their hearts as well as their minds.


Amadeus puts a great emphasis on music theory, aural and singing training as well as instrument playing. In these classes, children learn a broad range of topics needed to enhance their playing, from scales, rhythm, intervals, even to harmonic relations between notes.


To study the background of a musical piece means to know the piece in its proper context. In Amadeus, Music History and Literature is incorporated into the curriculum, where students are introduced to musical epochs and monumental masterpieces that will enrich their instrumental playing.

  • CAPEMINIPUT (Orchestra)

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