Angkor Tiger Football Club

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Tiger Football Club is one of professional football team in Cambodia.

“As a symbol of Cambodia’s dreams, hopes and courage, it will be an essential part of people’s lives.”

Angkor Tiger FC is a football club base on Siem Reap Province. These days, Cambodia is a rapidly growing country, but there is still big difference compared to the other countries. We want to be the pride of Cambodian people. People can gain hope and try something new by watching our matches against big clubs. 

Cambodia is a least developed country among the 10 ASEAN countries, and its economy and infrastructure are not well-developed.

Although it has grown rapidly in recent years, there is still a big difference compared to neighboring countries, and the current situation is that there is an inward-looking culture that makes it a little easier for the people to give up.

We would like to see them fighting evenly with clubs in other countries, have hopes for themselves, and take on new challenges.

Angkor Tiger FC wants to be such a team.

Oughness (toughness)

Ntegrity (honesty) 

rowth (growth)

Xcitement (exciting)

Espect (respect) 

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