Art Program from Ted Saigon Art School

Ted Saigon School of the Arts, Bùi Bằng Đoàn, Hưng Phước 4, Tân Phong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Fine art is a subject that trains creative thinking, trains and contributes to aesthetic education in the most positive way. In addition, Fine Arts also helps students have basic knowledge of visual arts; creating paintings with materials; have the ability to perceive and evaluate a painting work from an artistic point of view in professional language; Able to organize art movements in establishments, units…


Key skills training:

-Observe things before drawing.

-Scientific assessment of images.

-Documenting with painting and sculpture materials.

-Using materials: oil paint, silk, woodcarving, watercolor, charcoal… in the learning process.

For students from 1st to 7th grade:

Drawing: have basic knowledge and skills about layout, lines, colors, basic decoration… Enhance observation ability. Express thoughts and imaginations confidently. Composing is painting by topic, painting in decorative style, drawing according to model at a relatively precise level.

Crafts: have the ability to decorate and make their own toys, postcards, school supplies… from colored paper and waste materials. Consciously use waste materials to make other useful items. Practice neat work skills and proficient use of common tools.

Decoration: knowledge of textures and principles of decoration.

Molding: animals, objects, people, combinations of colored soil. Feel the volume and 3D space.

Common sense of art: there is a concept of painting materials and genres. Know how to view paintings and sculptures at a basic level. Know the names of some famous national and international painters. Increase awareness of cultural and artistic values.

For students in grades 8 to 12:

Graphics: Drawing in depth, drawing in different styles and schools.

Art design: can design basic types such as book covers, posters, …

Sculpture: build human and animal figures according to anatomical structures, know how to make simple reliefs.

Art History: have knowledge of the history of art from the Ancient period to the Postmodern period.

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