Asana & Movement: Fascial Science and Somatic Integration by Samahita Retreat

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This course continues to dive deeper into understanding movement by exploring subtle biomechanics, fascial sensation and somatics. Hands-on adjusting experience will occur in a live setting. Postures of the Ashtanga first three series will be used as the foundation for asana application with additional explorative movement and somatic exercises. There is no pre-requisite for this course, however students are encouraged to refresh their basic understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and movement principles.

The morning session will be devoted to practice with a 60-90 minute breathing, meditation and mantra practice. This will be followed by Asana practice. Most asana will be Self-Practice with some applied led classes.  Teachers and practitioners of all styles are welcome.  Students who do not have a self-practice may join a led class with one of our other teachers on those days. The afternoon will focus on scientific concepts and their practical application to practicing and teaching asana, designing sequences, and additional movement practices. Within this time will be the lecture focus for the day coupled with your questions and answers to the best of the teacher’s ability.

DATE: June 12-25, 2022

100-hour Module (towards the 300-hour and 1100-hour Certification levels)

Teaching Techniques:

It is through the personal experience of somatofascial movement and feeling where movement is coming from in the body that students can understand how to apply this directly to their personal practice or teaching, regardless of the “style”

  • learn verbal cues to assist students in accessing somatic sensation
  • become proficient at helping students get into their body with sensation cues well beyond stretching
  • Apply the principles to practice to understand the foundations of Vinyasa and feeling the breath
  • Explore movement by harnessing the guiding potential of fascia
  • Learn quick and simple self-myofascial release techniques that can be integrated into private sessions or classes
  • A deeper understanding of fascial lines and movement will assist in effective sequencing
  • Apply an understanding of somatics and fasica to different paces of movement and mobility techniques
  • The basics of trauma-sensitive teaching

Somatic Education:

  • A brief review of the nervous system and intro to neuromuscular physiology and motor control
  • training the somatosensory system
  • introduction to the theory and practice of pandiculation
  • pain relief through asana and somatics
  • Following the flow – listening to the body and freeform movement

Fascia Education:

  • explore the history of fascia and review the latest research on it’s make up, structure and function
  • examine the principles of biotensegrity and how they affect movement
  • How to keep fascia healthy and why It’s important
  • The fascial lines – a brief overview of the fascial lines and what they mean for movement
  • The esoteric link – discuss fascia’s role in body intelligence and the nature of being human
  • “feelings in my fascia” – another look at psychosomatics
  • make the link between what we know about fascia and how different types of movement affect it

All Advanced Yoga Teacher Training modules are fully inclusive of the training program, both practical sessions and lectures, and includes the full facilities of Samahita Retreat, accommodation of your choice, and all buffet meals and drinks. We provide a setting to support your body and mind at the optimal level so the time invested in your training is most beneficial.

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