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Asecro is derived from ASEAN Micro Technology & Business.

In today’s ASEAN economy, the gap between rich and poor is so significant, which shows the economic inequality between its people. Because on this, we decided to close the gap, by providing opportunity to ASEAN people and its community.

Asecro aims to spread the knowledge through the Internet, art and technology and provide the right chance for ASEAN people to grow and increase their socioeconomic status. By doing this, we believe to bridging the gap between ASEAN and the developed countries.

We want to take the challenge to train, educate and enhance the skills of ASEAN employee, to identify their talent and knowledge and turn them into a business success. We hope to expand this growth between the societies, by creating a positive ripple effect among the community.

We like to put it like this; ASEAN Micro (6 hundred million people) of Technology to change the Business (increase the socioeconomic status of ASEAN people).

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