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Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FTH) is one of the pioneer faculties for undergraduate studies at Build Bright University (BBU) offering Associate and Bachelor degrees in the fields of tourism management and hospitality management. The faculty provides a supportive environment in which students develop their knowledge and skills and thus, helping them to reach their academic and professional goals. It tries to balance education in tourism and hospitality with personal development. It is an important faculty actively working with public and private sector partners in Cambodia and with some of the best universities in the region. Once enrolled, one can see students coming from a wide range of backgrounds along with highly experienced local and foreign professors to provide and share most valuable knowledge and experience.

At Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FTH), we offer an education with skills you need to solve complex management​​​​ issues in tourism and hospitality with a range of environments with a challenging, rigorous education, and with support, coaching, and personalized attention. We believe strongly in the valued tourism and hospitality sector in Cambodian society.

More and more, the tourism industries run their businesses in Cambodia based on a deep understanding of contemporary tourism and hospitality issues. They hire people with a deeper understanding of those analytic tools to better understand patterns in consumption and the movements of tourism and hospitality goods and services, and what motivates and drives those patterns.

Today’s competitive tourism industry, local, regional, continental and global, demands a different kind of tourism and hospitality faculty preparation. Get your degrees in both academic and professional programs from Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FTH), Build Bright University. 

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