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Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management , VNU-IS

Vietnam National University, Hanoi - International School, Ngụy Như Kon Tum, Str, Nhân Chính, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi, Vietnam


This program applies advanced teaching methods being used in Troy University with adjustments to suit the regulations of Vietnam National University.

Especially, this program conducts teaching, testing, and evaluating by using advanced methods in order to increase self-awareness in learning, self-study and self-research ability; to develop creative thinking; to train practice skill; and to enhance teamwork, research, and information process skill for students; as well as to strengthen the connection between training and science researching, and increase the quality of training in general and teaching in particular.

This program encourages working in teams and participating in case studies, and organizes many sessions to discuss, exchange views, and guide students in researching, writing reports, and presenting big projects.

Besides, during the thesis guiding period, advisors team from both VNU-IS and University of Nantes helps students use modern and advance research methods in order to inspire and create passion for students in scientific research, study, scientific thinking, and creativeness.

Courses :

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management awarded by Troy University


DURATION : 3.5 years, divided into 10 semesters


The structure of the Hospitality, Sports and Tourism management joint training program with Troy University consists of 6 parts as following:

–        Part 1: English (6 credits);

–        Part 2: Humanities/ Arts (12 credits);

–        Part 3: Mathematics/ Science (11 credits);

–        Part 4: History and Social Science (12 credits);

–        Part 5: Basic subjects (12 credits);

–        Part 6: Core curriculum (30 credits), concentration subjects (21 credits) and minors (18 credits).

The Bachelor in Hospitality, Tourism and Tourism Management joint training program between VNU-IS and Troy University uses the same modules and credits as the original program in Troy University. The content of some module is adjusted/supplemented to be suitable with Vietnamese and regional practice. According to the regulations of Troy University, Sport Management training program has not been organized oversea, so VNU-IS and Troy University came to an agreement about the training of 02 majors: Hospitality Management and Tourism Management. In the concentration, students can choose Hospitality Management (21 credits) or Tourism Management (21 credits). Students will study 07 subjects of the chosen concentration, and then study the minor for the other concentration in the next semester which are Tourism Management (for Hospitality Management concentration – 18 credits) and Hospitality Management (for Tourism Management concentration – 18 credits).

During the program, 12 lecturers from Troy University are expected to directly give lectures for 14 modules. In addition, in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills through experience, students will be required to take the Internship (6 credits).


Graduates in hospitality, sports and tourism management program are eligible to work in domestic and international corporates; tourism companies; governmental tourism organizations, hotels, and restaurants; public organizations; non-governmental organizations in the following positions:

–        Tourism administrators in governmental agencies related to culture and tourism such as Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in provinces and cities, domestic and international research institutes, tourism related associations, etc.;

–        Operators and managers in tourism corporates, hotels, restaurants, entertainment locations (parks, tourist bases, etc.);

–        Researchers, lecturers, and staffs in research institutes, universities, junior colleges related to tourism;

Staffs in projects related to tourism – entertainment for domestic and international tourism organizations.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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