Bachelor’s Degree of Business Data Analytics, VNU-IS

Vietnam National University, Hanoi - International School, Ngụy Như Kon Tum, Str, Nhân Chính, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi, Vietnam


The program structure, teaching and assessment methods are designed based on the Pensylvania University (US)’ program, entirely conducted in foreign languages in accordance with international training standards, 20-25% major-based subjects are taught by foreign lecturers. VNU-IS always strives to ensure that 100% textbook and reference materials for major-based subjects are being used in foreign universities. The expected value of the graduates’ satisfactation is received also through field trips, study tours, learning from guest speakers, benefit from working on real case studies, graduation projects, which help students put their knowledge into practice.

BDA is a highly interdisciplinary major with the combination of mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, marketing, and computer science involving diverse methods and techniques to exploit and transform data into useful information for making decision, building strategies and plans, operating activities, optimizing the use of sources of big datain businesses, organizations, . Graduates from this program have basic knowledge in data science, economics, and managements, also in-depth knowledge in business data analysis; have ability to handle problems related to business data analysis; perform financial and marketing analysis and forecasting in operation of corporation in particular, and the economy in general; fluently use data analysis tools; have personal skills and job skills to work in interdisciplinary, multicultural and multinational environment with high international integration.

Course :

Bachelor’s Degree awarded by Vietnam National University Hanoi


DURATION: 4 years (8 semesters)


The Bachelor program of Business Data Analytics is designed with accumulative number of 135 credits (Physical Education and Military Education are not included), including:

Total number of credit to be accumulated

(Military Education, Physical Education and Soft Skills are not included)

135 credits

General VNU courses:

(Military Education, Physical Education and Soft Skills are not included)

24 credits

Background knowledge

14 credits


General business courses

11 credits


Fundemental business courses

25 credits



Compulsory courses       

19 credits



Elective courses    

6/12 credits


Specialized Courses

61 credits



Compulsory courses   

27 credits



Major-based elective courses

6/15 credits



+ Additional elective courses

4/10 credits



Selected in-depth knowledge elective courses

15/45 credits



Internship and graduation thesis or equivalent courses       

9 credits


Graduates from Bachelor Program of Business Data Analytics are eligible to undertake the following positions: Business data analyst,  data analyzing technology specialist, data structure designing and managing specialist, data analyzing program developer, business analysis consultant, data analysis manager, business manager, business strategy specialist, market research and analysis specialist. Specifically:

In Finance and banking sector:

Specialist in customers, credit risks, and financial risks analysis; fraud prevention and company capacity record management. 

In consumer sector:

Specialist in market analysis, retail consumer analysis, and market research.

In supply management and logistics sector:

Specialist in revenue management and product management in the supply chain, and supply chain optimization.

In telecommunications, technology and internet sector:

Specialist in data analyzing, developling and structuring; demand forecasting to build development plans.

In resource and mining sector:

Specialist in price forecasting, instantly handling issues related to product lines, resource discovery and restoration.

In consulting sector:

Specialist in sector-based consulting and analyzing that applies high level analytical techniques.

In security and government sector:

Specialist in analyzing fraud, detecting civil servant crimes and preventing violent crimes.

In puclic service sector:

Specialist in improving public health quality and public policies; and decreasing number of prisoners.

In non-profit sector:

Specialist in fund raising, evidence-based social work supporting, and project optimizing.

International teller 

Lecturer, researcher in training institutions, research institutes in business field.

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