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Ballet Workout Class, SAV2-0014, Đường Mai Chí Thọ, An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Safe Adult ballet training as a tool to improve your shape and health when you old enough to make your own choice to be better. Now it’s time to learn, time to practice, time to master the steps, time for life experience, time to change, time for yourself.



A unique ballet based exercise workout program specially developed for all ages. We do not use complicity coordination dance combinations in Center and Jumps.


PARTERRE ballet Class is a fantastic way of maintaining core, hip, and foot control whilst not bearing weight down though your feet. It is often more challenging than a normal barre and an effective way of improving your technique whilst you are not allowed to do normal classwork. While doing floor barre you can quickly work out where your weaknesses or any discrepancies in strength or range from side to side are. This floor barre routine will not only help you lengthen and strengthen your muscles but it will especially work the core body, which is essential for all exercises. By performing these movements you can achieve that coveted dancer’s body—long and lean!—that’s both strong and toned.


 Designed to strengthen, release and stretch muscle tensions, conditioning your body and mind by increasing the range of motion, flexibility, overcoming back pain, improving the posture as well as circulation so you can exercise more efficiently with better form and keep your body injury free. The class is structured as a stretch and strength combinations in order to achieve a long-term result. Open to all levels.


Our trainers are officially certified with the PBT by Marie Walton-Mahon method. This method encourages students to use muscle memory to improve and understand core stability, weight placement and alignment, and helps them achieve their personal best in classical ballet. All exercise are performed with a fit ball or with resistance bands, in order to reduce the pressure on the lower back and on the knee joints. The PBT program is recognized and praised worldwide both by students and teachers.


Corrective movement training helps us identify and correct the most common movement dysfunctions in a wide range of students, from beginners to professional athletes and dancers. -Dance Exercise Therapy designed for health, fitness and dance professionals, with a focus in Post-Rehab exercise.


This program is based on building and corrective posture and include the development of lower back strength and arms plasticity. The study of any movement in classical ballet is approached gradually from its rough, from schematic form to the expressive dance. The lesson does not unfold immediately as a whole but develops through basic floor and barre exercises. 1st study year Children in our classes do strength exercises at the Barre and on the floor only in dry form, without any variations to get physical condition first before any dance experience. And only on 2nd study year, when the legs of the pupil are correctly placed, when they have acquired a turn-out, when the lower back is strong enough -then may we approach the study of complex coordination. 3rd and 4th academic period we add plastic elements in the middle, jumps and exercises on pointe shoes which lead the pupil to ultimate perfection.

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