Basic Interpersonal Skills For All

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Basic Interpersonal Skills For Every Professional

Interpersonal skills are necessary for a person to communicate and interact with other people either individually or in groups. In private and professional settings. People with strong dynamic and charismatic communication skills are always in a way being remembered by others. People who efficiently deliver perfect introductions and initiate confident conversations are often seeked by employers. They also have higher chances of entrepreneurial success.

Learning the basic interpersonal skills likes being able to remember the names of people, managing situations and being able to take them under control, being able to network with people and efficiently negotiating with clients, are definitely needed in this communication driven world, we are living in right now.

We have created this course to tune up your communication skills and exercise you to become an expert in negotiations by explaining you the tips and techniques that professional have been using at corporate level. You will learn proper and authentic ways to start a conversation, take it along and make quite an impact on the audience. Being able to use the skills you’ve equipped from this course will certainly make you an unforgettable person.

We sincerely encourage you to go through the course and thus help yourselves become a powerful speaker and work successfully through your field of expertise.

Duration: 2 Days

Workshop Objective

  • Understand the difference between hearing and listening
  • Identify ways to improve the verbal skills of asking questions and communicating
  • Understand what non-verbal communication is and how it can enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Identify the skills needed in building meaningful conversation
  • Identify ways of creating a powerful introduction
  • Understand how seeing the other side, building bridges and influencing other people
  • Understand how the use of facts and emotions
  • Identify ways of sharing one’s opinions constructively
  • Learn tips in preparing for a negotiation
    Learn tips in making an impact through powerful first impressions

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at any professionals who wish to hone their communication skills and using them to achieve their personal and professional career objectives.

Together, we can achieve the results you want.


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