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We are an award winning Presentation Skills Training Centre that coaches clients in using their voice to enhance their presentation.

Our clients range from multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, professionals to students from the age of 6. We mentor them in discovering their voice, and we nurture them in mastering techniques that enable them to convey information and ideas with confidence and conviction.

We believe that speaking well is an art that can be learnt. We empower every team and individual we work with in becoming confident presenters who inspire and influence through their presentations.


Individual Programs:

  • Voice Training and Coaching – Presenting With A Confident Voice (Basic)
  • Voice Training and Coaching – Presenting With A Confident Voice (Advanced)
  • Public Speaking – Presentation Skills
  • Speaking Into That Microphone


  • Speak with Confidence
  • Selling With Your Voice
  • The Quick Fix – A Service for Your Voice
  • Influencing with Your Voice
  • Your Voice – A Manager’s Tool


  • PSLE Oral Preparation Program
  • DSA Interview Preparation Program
  • LAMDA Spoken English Preparation Program
  • Secondary School Oral Program


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