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Berlitz is the world’s largest language education institution with a history and tradition of over 140 years. We have provided effective and high-quality language education from individuals to corporate customers. In recent years, it has expanded to various cultural and business training solutions.  Millions of customers communicate seamlessly in a global environment and successfully achieve their goals. We are reborn as a global educational institution that can help you achieve your goals.

The world’s leading language education brand, more than 140 years of innovation

In 1878, Maximillian D. Berlitz (1852-1921) of the United States developed an innovative method of teaching foreign languages ​​and named it the Berlitz Method  .

This new foreign language learning method, which focuses on listening and speaking conversations rather than simple memorization through writing, has spread around the world and is now a common foreign language teaching method.

By providing an immersive learning experience that focuses on oral communication through native speaker instructors, it promotes learning effectiveness and builds a core foundation for more effective communication, allowing learners to build confidence.

We innovate for your success!

With a tradition of over 140 years, Berlitz is currently the world’s leading educational company providing a variety of language training and intercultural services at 560 centers in 70 countries around the world.

Our commitment to innovation over more than a century has enabled our clients to communicate confidently and build a comprehensive portfolio to thrive in a global environment.

Over the years, more than tens of millions of students have been produced through Berlitz, including many of the world’s celebrities in various fields such as politics, economy, sports and entertainment.

Berlitz, which has already become synonymous with foreign language education, continues to grow as a global educational solution company that has expanded its scope to business conversation, cross-cultural consulting, and global leadership.

Berlitz Korea was selected as the first “foreign-invested foreign language educational institution” by the Ministry of Education in 1995 and has been leading premium language education in Korea.

One-stop-shop for You

Berlitz offers more than 50 foreign language education, and provides the best educational program tailored to customer needs, such as cultural consulting, business, and leadership, along with language education. 

Endless effort for innovation

Berlitz continues to innovate in global communication education by developing a variety of programs to help businesses and individuals overcome cultural differences, manage diversity, and achieve maximum performance.

In addition, as the first education company to provide multiple-platform delivery solutions, it provides foreign language and culture consulting required by global competitors, and provides education and services that are unmatched by other competitors.

Contributes to smooth communication around the world

For over 140 years, Berlitz has contributed to enabling the world to communicate through leadership and innovation in language and cultural services, and strives for a world without barriers to communication.

Our educational solutions are designed to overcome the boundaries of global communication such as time, place and cultural differences. We will provide the best service so that you can learn communication skills among different cultures and have the perspective and ability to succeed in a global environment.

This allows Berlitz learners to understand the importance of speaking with confidence, that true communication is transcending language.

Berlitz Learning Cycle :

1.  Identify and achieve learning goals

The Berlitz Learning Cycle is a set of service courses offered by Berlitz to provide quality educational services to students.

We analyze and evaluate the learner’s level and learning objectives, arrange the appropriate course accordingly, and adjust the class according to the learner’s style and progress through periodic feedback and consultation during the course. As a final step in the process, a Certificate of Achievement is issued after the final level is assessed to check progress.

2. Custom program design
Participant Analysis :  Determine the necessary goals, such as checking the learner’s level, setting learning objectives and expectations for the learning program.

Recommendations and suggestions : Professional counseling staff will provide suggestions on language and culture programs, class schedules, etc. suitable for learners.
Orientation : The learner will meet with the instructor to explain the program schedule and study materials, including a detailed roadmap for the program.

3. Monitoring the learning process
Consultation and improvement report: Throughout the curriculum, learners are reviewed and assessed on progress through official chart reports and consultations with the faculty director.
Level check : Upon completion of the learner’s goal course, you can assess your progress through a level test, and based on this, you will set new goals for the following.
4. Guaranteed achievement of goals

Certificates: The learner will receive a ertificate related to the achievement of each level of objectives.
Challenge to the next level : Learning objectives are continually reevaluated, and learners set more advanced learning objectives for the next level.
Berlitz is committed to achieving customer goals and success.
All of our courses are designed to ensure that students achieve their learning goals. We provide consistent service differentiated from other education providers.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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