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Training your teams is an essential step in the improvement process.  Alongside our advisory services, Better Work offers a series of training courses in areas such as communication, negotiation and supervisory skills, industrial relations, occupational safety and health and harassment prevention. Our training focuses on helping participants solve real world issues in a practical way.

Courses are tailored for the apparel and footwear sector and adapted to national and regional demands. Our courses range from 60-minutes to 6-days, depending on the topic. Training can take place inside factories or in a Better Work training facility, and dates are set according to industry demands.

As learning is a foundation of the Better Work approach to continuous improvement, training is included in the service package offered to factories. This means that all Better Work factories will have an assessment, advisory services and, depending on the country,  up to 15 or up to 25 participant days of training per service cycle.  A participant day is one person attending one day of training.

The allocation of participant days can be employed flexibly, according to the needs of your business and the strategy of your Worker-Management Committee. For example, if your factory has been allocated 25 days, you can choose to send 25 participants to a one-day training or split up your allocation differently, sending fewer participants to training that last for several days.

Training offers a key opportunity for your factory to engage with Better Work beyond the Worker-Management Committee. In addition to the participant training days offered, your factory can still purchase additional training days at a normal rate.

Over the years, Better Factories Cambodia has helped thousands of managers and workers in the garment and footwear industry strengthen their knowledge and skills to improve their workplaces.

With extensive experience in Cambodia, and building on best practices from around the world, our training is tailored to meet the needs of diverse industry audiences. We provide practical training to managers, supervisors and workers, helping them to create safer working environments, constructive workplace relations and effective management systems.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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