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 Future Conversational Artifical Intelligence

One of Indonesia Representative on SXSW Online 2021.

Botika provides an artificial intelligence chatbot with natural language processing which can understand Bahasa Indonesian conversation. It can respond to Bahasa Indonesian conversation in five different categories: Greetings, airline schedules, travel destinations, food recommendations and order cancellation. They claim to be currently supporting Facebook, Line, and Telegram messenger and will soon be launched on Slack and Web widget.

Solution :

Chat Assistant for Your Business

BOTIKA helps online business owners as chat assistants to serve customers, starting from the order until transaction process.

Single Dashboard Intergations

We create a single dashboard that integrated with many social platforms, where it will provide more convenience to serve customers from various social platforms.

Easily Integrated to Many Social Media at Once

User only need to create chatbot once, and ready to be run in Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Web Widget and Mobile Application.

Serve Larger Number of Customers

With artificial intelligence technology can serve and interact with customers in large numbers simultaneously from various communication channels automatically.
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