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Climbing is a passion and a lifestyle to us. It is a medium for us to travel and see the world, and also make progress towards better versions of ourselves.
Welcome to Boulder Movement.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that takes place on short walls and has a high emphasis on overcoming challenges through skill. Safety in our rock climbing gym is ensured with gymnastics-standard safety mattresses across all climbing surfaces.

No ropes or complicated safety equipment required – all you need to start is a pair of rock climbing shoes and you are on your way to a great workout!

Explore at your own pace or with one of our professional instructors. Our climbing gym is the perfect venue for learning, training and improving your climbing fitness in comfort.

Experience a holistic and progressive introduction to the vertical world through our comfortable climbing-fitness platform today. We’re here to help you

Benefits of Bouldering

Bouldering can deliver a satisfying workout, regardless of your current fitness level. Regular bouldering sessions can improve your health, fitness and strength.

Besides developing yourself physically, bouldering helps you to develop mentally as well. The problems require problem solving skills. Imagine each boulder problem as a giant jigsaw puzzle – one that you have to navigate not just with your body, but with your mind too! Only when both pieces fall into place then the puzzle is solved.

Bouldering vs Roped Climbing

What is the difference between bouldering and roped climbing? A common misconception – Is bouldering where you get started before you move on to roped climbing?

Bouldering is a discipline within the sport of rock climbing.

There are 3 main disciplines in rock climbing:

  1. Bouldering

  2. Speed Climbing

  3. Roped Climbing (Top rope / lead climbing)

Depending on the style of climbing you are after, each discipline may potentially be something that you are more inclined to.

Bouldering commonly includes short, dynamic movements, while speed climbing requires agility and coordination, and finally, roped climbing will require a higher level of endurance.

One discipline isn’t better over the other, they are simply different forms of climbing, and they can all be pursued to make you a well rounded climber; or you

Popularity of Bouldering Gyms

In land scarce Singapore, we don’t have the luxury of big, wide industrial spaces to build massive climbing gyms that have bouldering, speed climbing, and roped climbing options all available, and if we do, they are far and few.

Coupled with the evolution of climbers preferring to get a quick workout, bouldering has become very popular over the recent years. It does not require a lot of equipment investment, nor a belay buddy, to indulge in the sport.

Climbers can choose to climb on their own, or arrange a social outing with their friends. Bouldering becomes a lifestyle for many who have gotten hooked to a form of workout that is always fun, challenging and different.

Can choose to specialise in one and excel in it.

We offer rock climbing classes for beginner to experienced climbers. Learn climbing techniques, get stronger and fitter, or boulder with our instructors to refine your skills. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure high quality experiences.

If you are new to bouldering in Singapore and do not know what to expect, we have the perfect option for you. Embark on your climbing adventure with our Fundamentals of Bouldering classes by purchasing a Class Entry Pass to make a booking on our Boulder Movement app (iOS / Android).

1x Class Entry Pass


5x Class Entry Pass


To learn the basic skills of climbing and gain confidence on the wall quickly, we recommend taking these classes in the following order:

  1. Fundamentals of Bouldering 1, 2 and 3

  2. Boulder with Us (Fundamentals)

  3. Intermediate Bouldering 1, 2 and 3

  4. Boulder with Us (Intermediate)

Attending our classes allows you to learn new rock-climbing skills with an experienced instructor in a group setting.

We have a range of pricing options depending on your frequency, interest and commitment level.

Contact us to know more about the course.




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