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Effective time management is one of the most challenging yet most important skills that any professional can master. Very often we multi-task, create short cuts and rush through things to save time, yet ironically these habits and routines have the opposite effect. This course looks at time management from a neuroscience perspective. Understanding how the brain operates and maximizing brain functioning can significantly help us to be able to manage our time more effectively and be more productive. The session all provides participants with proven strategies that will help us with being more effective with our time management.


  • By the end of this course the delegates will be able to:
  • Understand how the brain works
  • Maximize your time and productivity
  • Learn strategies that work. Learn to over come procrastination
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Learn how to delegate


Module One: Why Doesn’t Time Management Work?

-What is time management?

-Why does it go wrong?

-What are your time stealers?

-What are your current time management techniques?

Module Two: The Brain And Time Management

-Exploring the brain

-How does the brain work in relation to time management and productivity?

-How do we optimize our brain power for better time management?

-What do we need to avoid doing to ensure better productivity and time management?

Module Three: Time Management Strategies

-Effective goal setting

-How to prioritize effectively to support effective brain functioning

-Brainstorming strategies to beat the time bandits.

-Overcoming procrastination Managing meetings effectively

Module Four: Communication And Time Management

-How to manage conversations

-How to manage and set expectations

-How to say no

-How to delegate effectively

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