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Subling Pinklao, Borommaratchachonnani Road, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok, Thailand


“BSP is ready to provide services full of talented people. And has the potential to provide comprehensive customer service for all needs that are truly maintained with quality “

 Business Solutions Provider is a company with more than 10 years experience in Lotus Notes, consisting of a team that is fully equipped with knowledge, capability and experience in both software ( Software) and hardware (Hardware), in particular, Software Lotus Notes that the company has developed for many organizations for specific use. In addition, the company also provides services to Customers in various aspects such as training, after-sales service, system maintenance, as well as consulting. And develop programs according to the needs of users

Throughout the past, the company Significant sales success can be seen in the Top Partner Award received by Lotus Asia South for four consecutive years from 1996 to 1999, and was also inducted into IBM’s Lotus Premier Partner. Thailand Company Limited (Lotus Software) since 1997 and the latest award just received in 2001 is the Innovative Software Solution award for the Software Package  ISOMASTER  . Developed from the Lotus Notes software, it is the greatest pride of the company.

Sales Quality:
BSP was appointed by IBM Thailand Co., Ltd. as an IBM Authorized Business Partner, Advanced Level.

Training Quality:
BSP has been appointed as the first Lotus Authorized Education Center (LAEC) in Thailand, or currently Authorized Independent Training Provider for IBM Software (AITP), which is taught by a Certified Lotus Instructor. Lotus Notes expertise in both Application Developer and System Administrator.


ISOMaster is a document archiving software for ISO9000 is trusted by leading companies in the country. And developed for management Quality management system And all other management systems with the latest version of the software having main functions as follows:

1. Master Flow & User Configuration
2. Document & Data Control
3. Electronic Record (Quality Record)
4. Controlled & Noncontrolled Document Print Log
5. Controlled & Noncontrolled Document Read Log 6.Internal
Audit & CAR
7. NCR & CAR
8. CAR Record
9. Customer Profile & Satisfaction Evaluation
10. Supplier Profile & Evaluation
11. Management Review & Other Meeting
12. Calibration & Preventive Maintenance Recall / Record
13. Training Record
14. KPI Report & Record

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