Business Department, Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary

Myanmar Union Advenitist Seminary, Unnamed Road, Myaungmya, Myanmar (Burma)


Statement of Mission 
The Mission of the Business Administration Department is to develop a well-integrated program which will enable a student to achieve mental, moral and ethical values, which will guide him in the pursuit of technical, conceptual and human knowledge, and in the development of managerial and accounting skills.

In harmony with this mission the objectives of this program are:
=> To provide specialized skills and tools for the effective management of business operation.
=> To develop a high degree of ethical and moral responsibility to the task one undertakes in the management organization functions.
=> To combine knowledge with analytical skills that help identify and accurately define problems, obtain and organize relevant information, and choose from alternatives and implement decisions.
=> To train students to be competent managers for both commercial and non-profit organizations. To train for more competent and able administrators and accountants who have specialized skills and knowledge in their concerned fields.
=> To promote a practical and career-oriented curriculum, with a primary emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Programs Offered
The Faculty of Business Administration offers two programs of study:
1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
3. Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting & Management
4. Minor: Business Administration

1. A prospective student completed accredited Higher Secondary School Certificate (G-12)
2. Demonstrate word processing proficiency.
3. English Proficiency Test with a score of 65 %.

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