C-IQ-Based OKR Training


OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. The OKR methodology has helped many tech giants, from Intel to Google, achieve business growth tenfold.

This OKR training will help you focus more on the things that matter most to your business, align your team’s performance, and increase your sense of engagement . OKR is a simple, easy-to-use and agile performance management system , suitable for today’s highly dynamic and uncertain environment.

The training adopts the principle of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) which is effectively faster in building an OKR culture to achieve greater results. 

If you want to learn to understand the OKR method and experience for yourself why OKR is so powerful, and even be able to practically apply it in your daily work, then this course will guide you step by step to achieve the above.


The OKR training aims to make participants understand the concept of OKR and be able to systematically create and implement OKR, and develop an effective OKR culture in their work area, in order to achieve the desired organizational goals more quickly.


Introduction to OKR

  • The History of OKR

  • Why You Need OKR

  • 5 Reasons You Don’t Achieve Your Goals

  • Benefits of OKR

  • What are OKR

  • ABCDE for OKR Successful Mindset

  • Objectives, Key Results & Initiatives 

Creating Effective OKR

  • Objectives Descriptions

  • Stretched Goals

  • Creating Powerful Objectives

  • Key Results Descriptions

  • Key Results Powerful Question

  • Creating Effective Key Results

  • Activity vs Value-based Key Results

  • Key Results Characteristic

  • Key Results Types

  • Five OKR Themes

  • Action Oriented Initiatives

  • Terminology Standards Tips

  • How Many OKR Do We Have

  • OKR Examples & Exercises

  • OKR Hierarchy

  • OKR Simulation Workshop

  • Well Done OKR

  • Common Mistakes in Setting OKR

  • Strategic vs Tactical OKR

  • Committed vs Aspirational OKR

OKR vs KPI vs Balanced Scorecard

  • KPI vs OKR

  • OKR and KPI Integration

  • Transforming KPI to OKR

  • Differences between BSC vs OKR

OKR Implementation

  • SAFER™ OKR Lifecycle

  • Building Blocks of OKR

  • Core Purpose of Your Organization

  • Strategic Themes Priorities

  • Strategy Mapping

  • OKR System Architecture

  • Where to Develop Your OKR

  • OKR Development Plan 

Aligning OKR

  • OKR Alignment Approaches 

  • OKR Vertical Alignment

  • OKR Horizontal Alignment
  • Creating OKR Alignment

  • Confirming OKR Alignment

Reporting OKR

  • OKR Review Process

  • OKR Template Form

  • Scoring OKR

  • OKR Refinement

  • OKR Check-Up

  • Check-Up Template Form

  • OKR Software

Building OKR Organizational Culture

  • OKR and Incentive Compensation

  • Pro and Cons OKR-based Compensation

  • OKR and Performance Management

  • Continuous Performance Management

  • Science in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)

  • Building High Performance Culture with C-IQ

  • Leading with Trust

  • Takeaway Tool for Weekly Briefing

  • Giving Constructive Feedback

  • Recognition & Giving Praise

  • OKR Change Management

  • The Change Process

  • OKR Change Management Tips

  • OKR Habits of Execution

* The integration of the above OKR and C-IQ Materials and the title CPOKR™ has been copyrighted to the HAKI of the Republic of Indonesia.


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