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210 Haneul-gil, Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


The CAE Training Centre Korea is located in Seoul, near Gimpo International Airport and offers pilot training for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, Airbus A320 and the Airbus A330/34

CAE is a high technology company, at the leading edge of digital immersion, providing solutions to make the world a safer place. Backed by a record of more than 70 years of industry firsts, we continue to reimagine the customer experience and revolutionize training and operational support solutions in civil aviation, defence and security, and healthcare. We are the partner of choice to customers worldwide who operate in complex, high-stakes and largely regulated environments, where successful outcomes are critical. As a testament to our customers’ ongoing needs for our solutions, over 60 percent of CAE’s revenue is recurring in nature. We have the broadest global presence in our industry, with approximately 10,000 employees, 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries.

In a class of its own, our mission is to lead at the frontier of digital immersion with high-tech training and operational support solutions to make the world a safer place.

CAE is the training partner of choice of aviation professionals, airlines, large fleet operators, and aircraft manufacturers the world over. With 50+ training locations across the globe, CAE has the largest civil aviation network in the world.
Explore our training programmes and determine which programme best suits you, based on your desired training route and on the necessary eligibility requirements. To help make your decision, contact a training advisor or visit one of our academies during a Pilot Career Day.
 Choosing the right programme path for you is an important first step towards becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

CAE offers several CPL programmes, each one designed to prepare you to become a professional airline pilot. Each programme meets the syllabus standards required for licensing as set by the appropriate regulatory agency, as well as the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO).  Upon successful completion, you will have obtained a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) and Multi-Engine Rating (ME).

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Our flagship ATPL course in Europe takes students with little or no previous flying experience to a ‘frozen ATPL’.  This prepares one to be eligible to work as a First Officer with an airline, once specific aircraft type training has been completed, and dependent on the national minimum hour entry requirements. In many of today’s fast growing airlines, once you have gained 1,500 hours’ experience, your ATPL becomes ‘unfrozen’ and you are then eligible to be considered by your employer airline for promotion to Captain.

Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL)

Each MPL course is bespoke to a partner airline and designed for a specific aircraft type. Training incorporate airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) from an early stage, with airlines mentoring pre-selected cadets through a customized course, then on to type, base and line training on a specific aircraft.

ATPL, CPL & MPL: ATPL and CPL can be achieved following an integrated or a modular route. An MPL is only available in the Integrated or “full-time” option.

An MPL prepares you for guaranteed employment with one specific airline after graduation. An ATPL or CPL may not come with a secure airline job immediately after graduation, unless it is an airline specific programme or ‘cadetship’.   However, it gives you the opportunity to job search amongst multiple airlines.

As an MPL prepares you for the first officer position with one specific airline, it includes a type rating on a specific aircraft platform operated by the mentoring airline. An ATPL does not always include a type rating. Because an MPL includes a type rating, it typically requires a greater initial investment when compared to an ATPL.  However, it should be noted that with an ATPL, the cost of your type rating is not eliminated, but is simply deferred to when you land your first airline job.

CAE primarily specialises in training new pilots from zero experience to CPL/ATPL / MPL level. To complement this core training, CAE also offers a range of training courses to enhance cadets’ skills and qualifications for their chosen pilot career. This training can range from the enhancement of jet handling skills to qualification as a flight instructor.

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