CAM-ASEAN is founded to meet Cambodian youth’s demand for language and technical and soft skills to take part en-par in ASEAN and international labour market. We are known for being small but beautiful. Every service we deliver we do with care and professionalism. We keep pace with technological development and embrace sophisticated technology for our staff, instructors and students so that they are ready for real world of work. Our students are ready and look toward ASEAN and beyond.

CAM-ASEAN offers six leading services in town: 1) English Language Teaching, 2). Chinese Language Teaching, 3. Corporate Training, 4. Young Leaners’ Program, 5. Study Abroad Services, and 6. Digital Learning Service. Each service is delivered by a team of professionals who are industry practitioners who know what it takes to be leading.

At CAM-ASEAN, our heart is in education. Everyone holds dear to heart that good education provides virtuous ripple effects and is key to a harmonious and prosperous society.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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