Cambodia Marine Human Resource Institute (CMHRI)

Plov Lum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Cambodia Marine Human Resource Institute (CMHRI) was established in …which is fully approved by the Ministry of Public Work and Transport and Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training of Kingdom of Cambodia. CMHRI has its long vision to promote and provide great job opportunities for Cambodian youth who wish to work and explore the world. In the globalization era, the shipping industry is crucially playing a very important role in global trade. Therefore, to take responsibility for the Ship Owners’ needs, CMHRI has been dedicated its commitment to produce the skillful and energetic seafarers to work with the ship owners. CMHRI is a unique and the only institute which is providing and producing the high capacity of AB Seaman and Motorman for the Ship Owner companies regionally and globally. To adapt to the competitive job market, CMHRI has designed the international and well-recognized curriculum for our trainees and offer chance to have real practice on our 18000dwt ship at Cambodia seaport Sihanouk Ville and theory lesson is conducting in our campus located in Phnom Penh.


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Cambodia Marine Human Resource Institute (CMHRI)
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