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Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute – CARDI

Road Number 3, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


CARDI inherited an on-going research program from CIAP, mainly concerned with rice production. It has already started broadening the base of its research programs to include other agricultural commodities. While CARDI recognizes that diversification of its research portfolio is a key step in assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia achieve its rural development objectives, the precise nature of CARDI’s future research portfolio will be determined through a national agriculture research priority setting and funding process. As well as diversification of CARDI’s research profile into other crops the focus may shift from yield to an increased emphasis on quality, including post-harvest technology and practices. CARDI could well become a key provider of national priority research, contract research, technology packaging, training, consultancy and quality seed in Cambodia and further abroad. Working towards that point CARDI has already adopted a partnership approach to enhance its ability to provide the range and quality of agricultural research and development services required for the future.  The primary goal of CIAP, prior to the establishment of CARDI, was focusing mainly on food security through increased rice production. Since that has been achieved, and too after CARDI has been established, the focus has directed to crop diversification and quality. CARDI’s mission of “Technology for Prosperity” is based on an analysis of how the agricultural sector in Cambodia is expected to evolve in the future. CARDI’s vision of how it will respond to the future operational environment and achieve their mission has the following features:

  • Assist the RGC to achieve its rural development objectives,
  • Focus on applying technology with major impacts on poverty alleviation and living standards,
  •  Deliver high quality, highly valued research and development services,
  • Work in partnership with extension, NGO and private sector agencies to increase the impact of improved technologies,
  • Improve its capacity to deliver quality research and development services that meet client needs,
  • Apply a business-like approach to its operation, and
  • Promote the impact and value of research for the development of Cambodia.
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      • Collaboration
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    • Plant Protection
    • Soil and Water​ Sciences
    • Agri Engeneering
    • Socio Economic Sciences
    • Agronomy & Farming System

CARDI’s Training offer the following Courses:

1. Training of Trainers

2. Land Leveling

3. Pesticides Safety Use

4. Research Report Writing Skills

5. Agricultural Extension Systems

6. Rice Technology Transfer Systems in Cambodia

7. Rice Seed Production

8. Integrated Nutrient Management

9. Post-harvest Technology

10. Farm Management

11. Seed Quality Control

12. Integrated Pest Management

13. Soil Classification in Rice Production in Cambodia

14. Special Rice Production

15. Participatory Rural Appraisal

16. Statictics and Data Analysis

17. Proposal Development

18. Rice-Fish Farming

19. Grain Quality Management

20. Consultancy

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