Canisius College, Jakarta, Jalan Menteng Raya, RT.3/RW.9, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Founded by the Jesuits on July 1, 1927, it has been more than 90 years of continuous work and innovation in the education of future leaders. Under the Budi Siswa Foundation, Kanisius College as a special school for boys has two work units, namely Kanisius College Middle School and Kanisius College High School. Having a vision to be a center of excellence in educational services for prospective leaders who believe, Kanisius College runs educational services by always prioritizing 4C, namely competence, which means prioritizing competence without forgetting conscience and developing compassion for fellow compassions with full commitment .

As a Catholic school, ensuring the students to be accustomed to reflection in order to feel the love of God, strive for the greater glory of God, and serve others, especially those who are in need

As an Indonesian school, ensuring the students to constantly seek the truth honestly, communicate and implement it for the development of others, environment, nation and Indonesian culture.

Students of Canisius College, vow to:

  1. Be loyal to the constitution, Undand-Undang Dasar 1945, and to defend Pancasila as the national foundation.
  2. Uphold our College’s motto: Diligence, Honesty, and Fairness.
  3. Respect our parents and the teachers who represent them.
  4. Build a sense of kinship and appreciation of our college colleagues and others.
  5. Be mindful and realized that we are educated and well-mannered men with faith in God and also democratic citizens who are also responsible for the well-being of the nation and the people.

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