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The cello’s mellow and soulful sound has inspired many to start cello lessons in Singapore. The influence of classical cellist legends including Rostropovich, Boccherini, Yo-Yo-Ma as well as contemporary cellist including Piano Guys and 2cellos has elevated the interest among many to start cello lessons, be it adult cello lessons or cello lessons for kids. The influence has encouraged students of all age groups to start cello lessons. Therefore we have programmed adult cello lessons and cello lessons for kids in our music lesson offering.

Adult Cello Lessons

Whether our students have music background before starting adult cello lessons does not matter, as we customize the cello lesson syllabus based on each student’s needs. Some students who embark on adult cello lessons are very keen to learn to play the cello, however lack the confidence level to start cello lessons in Singapore. My advice: build up your confidence level as nothing is impossible! Start adult cello lessons soon!

Interesting to note that majority of students who have music background are pianists embarking on cello lessons in Singapore. Adult cello lessons for such students can be fun with a cello teacher who also has piano background, as the teacher can play piano-cello duet with the student during cello lessons. The same applies to cello lessons for kids.

Cello Lessons for kids

Cello lessons for kids are structured differently, with the emphasis on making cello lessons interesting and lively. We also need to be aware that cello lessons for kids age 3 to7, need to be structured differently from cello lessons for kids age 8 to 12 due to different learning ability. Our cello lessons for kids are carefully structured accordingly.

We also have intermediate cello lessons for kids which are geared towards building cello techniques with a view to progress via the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) examination program, audition for DSA (Direct School Admission). Techniques covered during cello lessons include developing better cello bow control, double stops, strings crossing, vibrato etc. The same applies to adult cello lessons.

Cello lessons (adult cello lessons and cello lessons for kids) can be conducted at our school (located at Sultan Plaza), at your home or at teacher’s location.

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