Center of Physical and Defense Education, Ton Duc Thang...

Center of Physical and Defense Education, Ton Duc Thang University

19 Đường Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Tân Phong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Center of Physical Education and Defense Education offers trainings in certified compulsory national defense education at the request of the Ministry of Education and Training for: the TDTU students, other college and university students according to the Department of Defense Education and Ministry of Education and Training as well as for the orders of other higher education institutions.

The function and task of the Center is to educate students on national defense and security knowledge according to the program prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training; doing scientific research, improving the model of learning tools, experiencing practical military operations, improving the quality of education and training; training and building a sense of organization, discipline and exemplary behavior, contributing to the formation of the new socialist human’s qualities and personality; accomplish the educational goals of 3 students’ moral content and school civilization; and at the same time advise the Party Committee – Board of Directors of the University on national defense and security work.

The Center for National Defense and Security Education Ton Duc Thang University always unites, overcomes difficulties, successfully completes assigned tasks, contributes to providing knowledge of defense and security, fosters love for the homeland. water for students in the city named after dear Uncle Ho. Along with educational activities, the Center also promotes discipline training activities, building the regular life of the Army, cultural and artistic activities, physical training and sports, learning about and visiting traditions of the Army. system to create a rich and healthy learning environment.

The Center for Defense and Security Education has a permanent faculty of 11 comrades and over 30 visiting lecturers. Most of the lecturers have worked in the Army, many have experienced combat – are historical witnesses and beautiful symbols of patriotism and the unyielding will of the nation. 

With the motto  “discipline, dynamism, bravery, comprehensive development”, the Center has been working with the University to train generations of students with excellent expertise, imbued with the ideal of service, friendliness, harmony and harmony. community, the unique student cultural environment is available at Ton Duc Thang University.

With the efforts of officials and lecturers of the Center for Defense and Security Education of Ton Duc Thang University, they have contributed to educating students to better understand the tradition of fighting the enemy to defend the country of their ancestors. about the army, all-people national defense, people’s security, people’s war; plots, tricks “peaceful evolution”, riots and overthrows of the enemy. At the same time, training and equipping honorees with basic military skills makes an important contribution to comprehensive human training to meet the requirements of experience in building and defending the socialist Vietnamese Fatherland.

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