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We are operating in Cambodia and Australia


  • Highly qualify educators

      We have a team of highly qualified educators who are working in the field and have many years of experience in programming as  well as teaching.

  • Project based learning

        Student will learn the coding fundamentals while working on the projects. We have noticed this   method to be an excellent way to enhance students’ learning experiences and to keep them engaged.

  • Curriculum Design

     We have spent hundreds of hours developing and enhancing our curriculum in order to maintain a  high level of quality.

     Our curriculum are uniquely blended with different aspects of coding including robotics, drones and electronics.

     This will ensure that the students are engaged at all times and can use their imagination to be  creative.

     Our fun and engaging content ensures students not only learn the fundamental concepts of coding,   but are also challenged with  more advanced concepts as the term progresses.

  • Quality control

         Our team of head teachers oversee the implementation and delivery of the coding curriculum in every class regularly to ensure  the highest level of quality standards are maintained.

  • We love what we do

      Research show that “passionate teaching directly link to a student’s willingness to learn and  experience new ideas”  .

      At  Champion Coders, we understand that not every students  have passion in learning to  code right away from the start but if the teacher is  so  passionated and excited about teaching, he/she will be able to  grab students’ attention and drive engagement.

      Hence, We have handpicked our team. All our team members share our vision and passion for  developing the next generation of coders. They love coding, teaching, and specially ,they  love working with kids. 

  • Work together with parents

          At Champion Coders, we believe that students need guidance from us as well as from parents to  help them grow. 

           We communicate with students’ parents regularly to keep them in the loop of their child’s  performance. Any students that are  struggling in class, we work together with  parents to help  students in the best possible way. We also go the extra mile by giving  free   review classes to  make sure that no students are left behind.

  • Certificate

         We will also issue certificate of completion from CHAMPION CODERS AUSTRALIA. 

It’s our mission to inspire every child to become a creator and we do so primarily through our exciting coding curriculum and a fun way of teaching.”

“There is nothing we won’t do to help our students reach their maximum potential”

  At Champion Coders, we all work together as a team. We discuss, exchange ideas regularly to help each other improve the quality of teaching as well making sure that our students enjoy learning with us. This is what we offer here at CHAMPION CODERS.  

  We do not believe in traditional teaching  methods where teachers have to be firm with students at all time.

“We love to do things differently for the better”. 

Courses :

Block-based programming

Python programming

Mobile App Development

Web development

3D modeling and printing

Come join the Champion Coders Family.

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