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Chess Spark offer classes for all levels from for beginners to advanced players.

We offer chess training online and in-person.

chess class for one kid Singapore

Individual Lessons

  • Chess class for striving kids who want to progress at fastest rate
  • Intensive one-on-one teaching
  • Teacher focuses on specific needs of student​
  • Face-to Face Training (60 minutes) costs $85
  • Zoom Online Training (60 minutes) costs $70

Small Group Lessons

  • Chess class for small group Singapore
  • Chess class for small groups (2-4) of kids
  • Best for friends or teams who learn chess together
  • Students challenge each other to next level
  • Face-to Face Training sessions (60 minutes)
  • $70 per student, (2-group)
  • $60 per student, (3-group)
  • $50 per student, (4-group)
  • Zoom Online Training sessions (60 minutes)
  • $50 per student (2-group)

Large Group Lessons

  • chess class for kids Singapore
  • Chess class for kids of five (5) or more
  • For schools or other institutions looking to add chess to their co-curricular activities
  • Training at the school in Singapore

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Holiday Program

  • Best for students on holiday break who want to pickup a new sport or get better at chess
  • ​Training at student’s home or online

Our special classes are geared towards the more advanced chess players and chess business strategy.

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