Learn to see relationship of lines and shapes, reckon measurements, edit and reconstruct, make decisions artistically and simplify figures in the form of Chibi art. Often found in anime, this distinct, Japanese-originated art movement is useful for creating fun atmospheres. Use it to decorate your journal, make comic strips or incorporate to your fine arts adventure. Know the basics and start creating your Chibi world!

This theme-based and structured art course is divided into 5 modules. One module has 10 sessions and runs for 1 hour and 10 minutes each time. Activities are ideal for teens and kids 7 years old and up.

  • ​Module 1: Chibi Heights

Explore two and three heads tall mini characters. Begin training with one particular proportion then apply same principle in a sligthly different body measure.

  • Module 2: Chibi Emotions

Bring your chibi to life! Learn techniques on facial expressions and apply marks and simple body gestures to reinforce the mood.

  • ​Module 3: Chibi Emotions

​​Broaden your sketch journal of visual moods! Discover other methods of comical style by drawing chibi in its blushing and angry humor.

  • Module 4: Chibi at Work

​Time for a full composition! Enhance the personality of your chibi by adding descriptive details, supporting characters and a thrilling job!

  • Module 5: Chibi Fan Art

​Draw recognizable series characters in its chibi form. With less realistic face, simplified changes in body proportions and adorable pose, this journey is a fun way to start drawing anime personalities!  

Cycle 5 Schedule

​Module 1           Saturday             2:30 to 3:40 PM                Class starts June 19, 2021

Module 1           Thursday            5:00 to 6:10 PM                Class starts June 17, 2021

Module 2           Thursday            5:00 to 6:10 PM                Class starts June 17, 2021

Module 3           Saturday            10:30 to 11:40 AM            Class starts June 19, 2021       

Module 4           Saturday            1:00 to 2:10 PM                 Class starts June 19,

Module 5           Saturday            2:30 to 3:40 PM                 Class starts June 19, 2021   

Must Know:

+ Small-group art classes conducted over Zoom

​+ Live, interactive, with strong teacher-student engagement
+ A maximum of 2 free makeup classes are allowed per module, running for 30-40 minutes/makeup class

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