Children’s English Program from Home of English International

107 Street 360, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Our Children’s English Program starts with children from six years old and up. We have full and half-day programs based on our proven American curriculum which provides a well-balanced and complete English education. Classes are limited 20 students, assuring personal attention from our teachers and staff alike.

A particular strength of Home of English is our ability to produce confident, competent speakers of English in a remarkably short amount of time. Home of English is an emersion-English environment. Students, staff and teachers make every effort to speak English always. Our teachers are proud of their abilities in English and are not afraid to speak it. Beginners learn not only from their teachers, but by interacting with their fellow students, many of whom are already advanced speakers of English.

Our English Curriculum Includes:






-Social Studies

-Computer Studies


Learning should be fun and interesting. Our classes provide stimulating and entertaining activities to delight young learners. Our proven American curriculum takes students from beginning levels to achieving total fluency in English. We generate some of the brightest, most creative and productive in Cambodia.

At Home of English we promote positive attitudes about learning. We also encourage critical thinking, good moral values, manners, and positive social skills. We are devoted to the development of a student’s character as well as their mind.

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