Chilibeli, Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio, RT.4/RW.4, Karet Semanggi, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Chilibeli is a community based app to shop for quality fresh produce online. Taking direct from the farmers, Chilibeli guarantees the best price for all.

Chilibeli is an online shopping application for daily products such as fruit, vegetables, basic necessities, and other household needs that carries the concept of social commerce – buying and selling activities that involve social interaction between users in a community through online and offline social networks.

Products from farmers and producers of FMCG (Fast Moving Customer Goods) will be connected directly to Chilibeli Partners, whose role is to make it easier for people around them to shop easily, cheaply, to get quality fresh products in an environment.

Besides being able to make it easier for people in the surrounding environment, Chilibeli Partners can get extra income or additional spending money from every transaction for each member of their community, with the flexibility to manage time for other things.

This is the social aspect that Chilibeli brings to Indonesian Partners and families. In Chilibuy easy shopping, more sustenance!

In addition to making shopping for daily necessities easier, Chilibeli has been and continues to help hundreds of families to earn additional income by opening up entrepreneurship opportunities through the Chilibeli Partners training program.

Chilibeli partner is a role in the community to make it easier for people around your neighborhood to shop for daily products, with many benefits that can be obtained.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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