Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


CDC is a commission of the  International Mathematical Union (IMU).

The CDC has the mandate to manage all IMU initiatives in support of mathematics in the developing world and, in particular, to continue the successful work previously carried out by CDE and DSCG.

Besides administering the Grants Programs for Mathematicians as well as the Volunteer Lecture Program, the CDC takes part in the following types of activities in accord with various aspects of its mission:

  • Research
  • Support of local initiatives
  • Support of Educational and Local Capacity Building Programs
  • Implementation of IMU member contribution programs destined for support of mathematics and mathematics teaching in developing countries.
  • Exploration of funding and grant opportunities of new and existing sponsors.
  • Development of proposals and joint activities with partner organizations.
  • Identification of inexpensive and free online mathematics research resources and advertise these to mathematicians in the developing world.
  • Service as a “clearing-house” for the activities of individual countries and mathematics societies in support of mathematicians in the developing world.
  • Encouragement of proposals and support projects from mathematical organizations or individual mathematicians in the developing world.

In order to pursue its mission CDC receives an annual grant from IMU.

CDC welcomes all initiatives in support of mathematics in the developing world. There are vast untapped resources of mathematical talent in the developing world. The desire of students to learn mathematics, and also to become mathematics professionals is growing. At the same time economic resources available to those who want to study advanced mathematics and who have the capacity to excel are woefully inadequate.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)
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