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Mobile-based platform providing learning courses for school students. The courses are taught by experienced tutors from different countries. It provides courses for grade 11 students. It provides its applications for Android and iOS platforms

At ConceptX, we focus on creativity and innovation rather than the knowledge that can be found in a book. We have a mantra “Beyond knowledge is thinking”​. At the very heart of ConceptX, we are to Think, Create and Innovate.

Our vision is to educate the people of Myanmar. We are all one family at ConceptX. We believe that open and compassionate education holds the key to the future education for the human race to move forward intellectually and peacefully.

We also believe that education is the foundation of everything and learning is a very complex system, therefore, we are trying our best to give out the resources for everyone to learn what they want following the open education approach by creating videos for anyone who wishes to learn what they want in life without boundaries. Education is very expensive in this world and as a rapid need of education for everyone in the coming years, we want to solve this problem by making education affordable, and easy to access for everyone to learn the necessary resources and skills.

For now, our mission is to solve the need of students for quality education in the academic areas of Burma by creating free and affordable video content and ebooks.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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