Our ultimate mission is to keep your information safe

CQ is a Cyber Security Solution Company, which run by Lao Cyber Security Experts.

Advancement in technology and interconnected business ecosystems has combined to increase exposure to cyber attacks. We aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services. We are hovering to influence our proficiency and global footprint in the field of information security and cyber crime investigation.

We provide penetration testing for security audits, vulnerability scanning, and security training to ensure security in your organization.

Risks, threats and incidents are everywhere. You never know when will they occur to you. CQ can help you to figure out those risks beforehand and make your system safer than ever.

Our Services :

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is scanner by tools that focus on cause of technical such as vulnerability of software, unnecessary service. Which may lead to attack on system. Vulnerability assessment on target but not really attack on system and then conclude result on report and how to resolve vulnerability appropriately.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a security exercise where a cyber-security expert attempts to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a computer system. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses which attackers could take advantage of. Case of Penetration Testing


Hands-on learning experiences provide the most engaging and effective way to learn real-world security concepts and skills that you need to be successful.
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