Cyber Security Foundations: Reinforcing Identity and Access...

Cyber Security Foundations: Reinforcing Identity and Access Management


Build your identity and access management expertise in this course covering topics such as single sign-on, cloud models, and AI.

Duration 4 weeks

Weekly study 2 hours

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Develop your expertise in identity and access management

Identity and access management is the process through which access to restricted data is controlled. This helps data security by making sure only authorized users can access the data, and only in specific contexts.

This identity and access management course follows on from the previous course in this ExpertTrack. If you are new to identity and access management, you may benefit from completing the first course prior to this.

You’ll explore various real-life situations in which identity and access management challenges are raised. These will cover areas such as enterprise and B2C integration, using case studies to illustrate learning. You’ll also explore the use of identity and access management in the public sector, looking at G2C services and citizen ID.

You’ll further use case studies to see how the theory applies in practice. On completing the course, you’ll be able to apply what you learned to boost your organization’s data security and cyber resilience.

Engage with the evolving challenges of identity and access management

This cyber security training course covers general topics to advance your understanding of key identity and access management topics. These include:

  • single sign-on authentication
  • federation identity and management
  • cloud identity management models
  • AI in identity and access management
  • identity and access management implementation
  • identity and access management design architecture

Data security and cyber resilience requirements are in a state of constant evolution. The topics covered in this course will help you build up-to-date identity and access management processes. This will be a crucial part of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy.


  • Week 1

    Standards and Best Practices for Identity and Access Management 

  • Week 2

    Cloud Management and Implementation Processes in Identity and Access Management 

  • Week 3

    Technologies in the Identity and Access Management Context 

  • Week 4

    Case Studies

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Identify standards used in identity and access management
  • Describe best practices within identity and access management
  • Describe single sign on and why it is used
  • Describe federation identity and management and why it is used
  • Describe cloud management considerations
  • Describe the role of cloud management in identity and access management
  • Identify the different types of models used in cloud management
  • Describe artificial intelligence and its role in identity and access management
  • Describe cloud management considerations
  • Describe Implementation and its role in IdAM
  • Describe design architecture in IdAM

Who is the course for?

This cybersecurity training is aimed at IT professionals who want to understand how to protect their organization from cyber attacks. This might include data administrators, those working with sensitive data, or those targeting a career in cybersecurity.

Who developed the course?


International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, also known as EC-Council, is the world’s largest cyber security technical certification body.

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