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 Robin & Pele from RpMerleon DanceThrob are 3 times Singapore representatives for World Professional Championships 2011, 2012 & 2013

Robin & Pele own DanceThrob/RpMerleon Studios, specializing in teaching ballroom, latin, social and wedding dances. They have altogether 34 + 25 = 59 years of dancing, coaching & competitive experiences.

For 3 consecutive years starting 2011, continued on to 2012 & 2013, Robin & Pele were the only couple nominated to represent Singapore in the World Professional Standard Championships in Korea, UK & Russia respectively. In 2011, Robin & Pele also were nominated to represent Singapore in Asia Pacific DanceSport Professional Standard Championship in Japan.

It was a match made in heaven when Robin finally ditched his god-sister partner to compete with Pele as they immediately won triple champion titles on their first official competition for Rock n Roll, Cha Cha & Slow Waltz, despite Pele’s hair done by salon crumpled. Much to the envy & consternation of all participants, the organizer decided to award only 1 pair of dance shoes (instead of 3) as the prize.

Many other champions, 1st & 2nd runner-ups were achieved as they competed up the ranks to achieve the current success. Both actually retired 7 years before emerging to compete in Professional level due to the diligent coaching of their beloved principal coach & mentor: Ms Charlotte Jorgensen/legend of Dancesport.

Robin has a very rich dancing family background through his maternal grandfather side. According to his 1st Uncle, Robin’s grandfather was gifted & always won most of the trophies & was active in competing in all local dance competitions. Grandfather was so involved that he even rented out part of the first floor of his residence to a dance teacher, Mr Collic. This venue became Singapore’s first defacto dance studio, a favorite dance joint where everyone flocked to in the 1940s-1950s.

1st Uncle, Robin’s mum & siblings used to peep at the dance classes through the staircase railings and Collic used to threaten to poke them with a pointer he used during lessons. Another of Robin’s famous dancing relative was his Aunt Gladys champion of Rock n Roll, with a photo of her dare devil flying-man stunt published on the national newspaper 1957! 1st Uncle believes that all these are hereditary & that includes Robin having the dancing genes too.

Pele’s mother was extremely artistically inclined and her dad was a famous Professional Photographer in his hay days, that’s where she inherited her artistic genes. Most of her art pieces were always pinned up for display and many were given by her schools as gifts to VIPs.

She was trained to be a classical musician for 15 years, at age 11 was soloist/leader of brass septet in her band teacher’s church wedding march-in playing the Triumphant March and, at age 14 was nominated to audition for a scholarship in Singapore Youth Orchestra but gave up this dream when her dad told her artists die of hunger in Singapore. She was the leader of her Brass Quintet & was first chair, soloist & section leader in her alma mater National University of Singapore Orchestra. She was so good that the NUS Orchestra gave her weekly free private lessons coached by Singapore Symphony Orchestra professional overseas musicians. One of her SSO coach was so impressed with her musical virtuoso that he wanted to arrange for her to be professionally trained in his home country with free scholarship but alas, Pele’s dad said no again.

After graduating with a degree, Pele went the normal route of working in MNCs for 14 years before deciding to take up dancesport as a profession. Her dada tried to entice her back to his ideal 9-5 white collar managerial job but this time, Pele stood firm and is now the proud co-owner of DanceThrob/RpMerleon Studios.

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