Datanest, Jl. Kemang III, RT.12/RW.2, Bangka, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Datanest is a Data Science as a Service startup, providing companies with AI and Machine learning solution to automate, to improve your performance and profitability.

Datanest is an AI-based data science platform. It allows users to collect, clean and process data, analyze and draw actionable insights from the data. It enables users to identify patterns, KPI, relations in the data and build predictive models to improve business performance. The platform allows users to visualize and manage customer behaviour from the data. Clients include Kumparan, DailySocial, DNA and IDN Times. It has partnered with AWS and PLUGandPLAY.



We provide a variety of solutions to optimize and automate several services in the financial Industry. These services can range from, but not limited to : customer onboarding, customer risk assement, fraud detection, credit scoring, and default prediction.

Retail & Logistics

We provide a suit of tools to optimize internal or external business processes that exist within the B2B supply chain industry : Procurement, warehousing, logistics, and sales.


Our engine bridges the data currently stored in silos and organizes them before applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide with accurate predictions, actionable Insights, help for business decision-making as well as automations


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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