Delhi Public School (DPS), Indonesia

Kantor Desa Kiara Payung, Kiarapayung, Kecamatan Klari, Kabupatén Karawang, Provinsi Jawa Barat, Indonesia


The school’s motto is based on the noble principle of altruism, i.e., a way of thinking or behaving that shows you care about other people and their interests more than you care about yourself. The motto seeks to inspire the students to rise above self-interest and prepare themselves to serve society. They ought to pursue personal fulfillment in the well-being of all human beings.

Teamwork has been key to the success of the DPS Indonesia over the years. Each individual of the institution is striving to convert dreams into reality. They are committed to getting the best from each child, not through coercion but through patient and loving care.

Students of DPS Indonesia understand their responsibilities towards the environment, community, society, country and the world at large. Through paintings, debate, elocution and other presentations, they show their concern for the major problems of the world and meaningful. Children are cultivating good manners, developing emotionally and maturing academically. Awareness of today’s child is really commendable. On the one hand, the children are keeping pace with the modern world by making the best use of sophisticated e-gadgets and they take good care of the traditional and religious values on the other. This amalgamation helps them in growing up as a complete individual.

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