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University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The University of Yangon initiated the Department of Archaeology on 1 July 1994. There was one head of the Department assisted by a staff of two Lecturers, two assistant Lecturers and three Tutors. All of them were recruited from the History Department. They had some knowledge of Prehistory and Protohistory but knew very little of archaeology and anthropology. The Department therefore had to depend largely on the Archaeology Department of the Ministry of Culture and on UY’s Geology, Geography, History, Law, Anthropology and Oriental Studies Departments and also on retired personnel of the Yangon Institute of Technology to teach:

1. Field Archaeology
2. Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Monuments
3. Preservation and Conservation of structures and materials
4. Prehistoric Archaeology (Stone, Bronze and Iron Age)
5. Protohistoric Archaeology (especially in Pyu Period)
6. Buddhist Art and Architecture (Pyu and Bagan Period)
7. Colonial Period Structures
8. Environmental Archaeology
9. Antiquarian Law
10. Museology and
11. Cultural Heritage Management

The above subjects are very important in Myanmar’s Archaeology today.

Vision :

1. to encourage about the awareness of education among them broadly when the people have known the value of Archaeological Heritage.
2. to study about the Archaeological knowledge by from basic to high school students for protecting and conserving of Cultural Heritage.
3. to publish about the articles and research papers concern with the Archaeotourism subject for supporting the development of Myanmar’s Tourism Industry.

Mission :

1. To understand about the value of Archaeological Heritage among the people.

2. to make about the younger generation for protecting and conserving of Cultural Heritage for present and future.

3. to support about the development of Myanmar’s Tourism Industry.


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