Department of English, Yangon University

Panglong Hall, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The Department of English is one of the original departments established when the University of Yangon was first set up in 1920. Previously, the Department of English shared Taungoo Hall with the Department of Myanmar but now it is located in Panglong Hall, sharing the building with the National Centre for English Language, on the Main Campus of Yangon University.


  1. To promote the English language skills of students from the University of Yangon
  2. To upgrade the quality of English used by teachers at the University of Yangon through training, research and dissemination of knowledge and skills
  3. To develop English language teaching materials and expand English language and literature courses
  4. To provide English language related services to the Ministry of Education and the general public

Currently, the Department of English not only offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English but also provides in-service training in English for other academic departments and government organizations. It also offers a Diploma in English to the general public as part of a human resource development programme in collaboration with the National Centre for English Language to fulfil the English proficiency requirement of the general public.

We also offer liaison, translation and interpreter services to ministries and government organizations. Thus, the Department of English serves as an academic as well as a service department catering to the needs of those on the campus as well as beyond.


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