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University of Yangon, University Avenue Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


The Department of History was founded in 1920 as the name of the Department of Chronicle (Yazawin) while Yangon University was emerged.  When Myanmar gained Independence in 1948, name of the department was changed as the Department of “Political Science and Far East History”. When new education system was started in 1964, the department was transformed to the Department of History. This name is still in active.

Offering courses from Department of History are Ancient, Modern and Contemporary Myanmar history, Ancient and Modern SE Asian history, Nation Building of SEA, Middle East, Far Eastern history (Japan, Korea and China), American and Russia history, World History, Myanmar History and Culture, Myanmar Studies,  Environmental history, Political Science, International Relations, History of Science and Technology, Research Methodology.


The History Department values a skilled, critically aware and informed citizenry; an honest academic and public engagement with the past, its meanings, and its consequences for today; and the promotion and support of history and social studies education at KG through 12, undergraduate, and graduate levels for students of all ages and of all backgrounds.


Department faculty took interest in motivating students and gave counseling to them in their academic and career problems.  Large numbers of student were enrolled in the Department coming from passing of Matriculation from near Yangon region.  The numbers of girls enrolled in B.A and MA courses are more than boy students. Departmental faculty takes efforts to train them in academic language and supports them in their day to day academic problems.

1. Department is keen to evolve new pedagogical tools. In that process departments of history is using Films and Documentaries and audio-video materials.
2. Department is promoting participatory method of learning. Department organizes student seminars, quiz competitions, group discussion, open discussions to train students. It regularly organizes tours to historical places, museums. Student has to prepare the reports based on their field visits.
3. Department is innovative in employing different participatory mode of examination student are asked to write book reviews, visit reports, report writing of the seminar conference and workshops.
4. In view to connect history syllabus with contemporary challenges and to make history learning applied with academic environment full of critical engagement department is thinking of launching different certificate and diploma courses in coming future.
5. Department is also planning to start Diploma courses in ‘Southeast Asian Studies”.
6. Department will gradually develop these Diploma courses into the MA courses
7. Department is keen in developing interdisciplinary inquiry in the field of history. It will enhance the sphere of history by including various fields of historical studies; like Archaeology, Social History, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Gender.

Mission :

To enhance the numerical graph of higher education amongst the Southeast Asian region; enrich the quality and standard of teaching and learning through modern technology & science; create sound research background, excellent human resource with versatile personality, stimulate and support pro-poor community activities and in doing so strengthen all round regional progress and development. Research activities in the department would be strengthened. To this end, the department is planning to emphasis on research activities with the support from the head of the university. The faculty members will undertake Minor/Major research projects with financial assistance from MoE and other funding agencies. For this, we would make the maximum use of the computers in the teaching and research activities. The departmental library is functioning and the department plans to subscribe the referred journals relevant to the subject. Audio-visual teaching aids and internet would be used limberly for class room instruction. The department is planning to publish a book of academic article for Centennial of University of Yangon.


B.A. History, (4 years)

B.A. Hons, History (5 years)

M.A  History (2 years)

Ph.D History (5 years)

Postgraduate Diploma in Myanmar History and Culture (1 year)

Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Myanmar Studies (1 year)


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