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The Department of Law came into existence in 1920 together with the Rangoon University, what is today the University of Yangon.  It was one of seven original affiliated faculties of the Rangoon University.

Bachelor of Laws (BL)

During the early years the Law Department only offered a law degree known as Bachelor of Laws (BL) degree as a part-time post graduate degree course. The BL Degree consisted of a two year course of study.


Bachelor of Arts in Law (BA (Law)), Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

With the advent of the Revolutionary Council after 1962, a Committee to reform legal education was established, and significant reforms were accomplished by the Higher Education Law of 1964. After 1964, the law course at the University of Yangon became a fulltime course. Under this system, students obtained a BA (Law) degree after 4 years of study and had to continue their studies for another year to get their LLB degree.

 Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

New system of higher education brought the fulltime legal education course in the name of LLB degree in 1965. It became a five year, full-time course of study at the Department of Law. The Bachelor of Laws degree program remained the main vehicle for University legal studies at all Law Departments of Universities except University of Yangon and University of Mandalay till academic year of 2013. The YU Law Department, however, has re-launched its first year law classes for outstanding students starting from 2013-14 new academic years. UY Law has recently reproduced first – batch – LLB graduates in 2018-2019 academic year.

Master of Laws (LLM)

The first postgraduate legal degree program at the Department of Law, the LLM degree program, was established in 1973.  The new LLM program presently run is two years in duration.  The program offers the opportunity to specialize in four different areas: Civil Law, Commercial Law, International Law, and Maritime Law. LLB graduates from UY, who are qualified to attend LLM, are directly admitted into the LLM program at the University of Yangon, Department of Law. However, for those who got LLB degree with qualified from other Conventional Universities will be admitted to the master program at UY Law only after successfully passing an entrance examination.

During their first three semesters students take requisite Masters level course and are assessed by examination.  During their final semester, students must undertake their own research and produce a written thesis.

Master of Research (MRes)

This is a one year program dedicates to researching the law.  Students were required to develop and produce a significant piece of scholarship during their candidacy.  LLM degree holders who are qualified to do research are admitted to this program. This will be no more MRes programme at UY starting from 2019-2020 academic year.

Doctoral Program (PhD)

Since 1999, the Department of Law has offered PhD degree program which has consistently been in high demand. The duration of the doctoral course is five years.  The first year is a preliminary qualifying year, which includes methodological and theoretical study. The remaining four years are devoted to the preparation of the candidate’s dissertation.  Eligibility to enter the program is limited to LLM degree holder academic staff and ministerial staff with two or more years of service that pass an entrance examination; and MRes degree holders (who are exempted from the entrance exam). To date (as of 2019 January), YU has conferred about 180 PhD graduates for different areas of law (Civil Law, International Law, IP, Environmental Law, etc…).

Graduate Diploma Courses

Graduate diploma courses are offered by the Department of Law under the University’s Human Resources Development Program 2004.  There are four different areas of law in which diplomas are offered: Business Law, International Law, Maritime Law and Intellectual Property Law.  Each diploma course lasts one year.  Individuals with any undergraduate degree who pass the entrance examination can attend the Diploma courses. It is a part-time diploma program.

Admission Requirements (DBL, DIL, DML, DIPL)

  • A Bachelor Degree from any recognized University
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Should not be seeking education on other Universities or Institutes
  • Should attend the programme between 7am and 9am, from Monday to Friday
  • Satisfactory results on Entrance Examination
  • Five current passport-size photos

 Application Check List

Completed application package must include:

  • Completed application form

Note: Incomplete or incorrect application information will not be considered for admission.

Master of Arts in Business Law (MA Business Law)

The Department of Law is responsible for a two year MA program in business law.  In order to gain entry into the program a student must have a graduate diploma in business law and pass an entrance examination. It is a full time program.

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor Degree from any recognized University
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Should not be seeking education on other Universities or Institutes
  • Should attend the programme from Monday to Friday as a full time program
  • Should pass an entrance examination.
  • Five recent passport-sized photos.

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